Winner of a Aqvify-kit at Borgeby Fältdagar

Aqvify at Borgeby Fältdagar

We have a winner of an Aqvify-kit!!

Aqvify participated in the 2023 Borgeby Fältdagar – and agricultural fair for professional farmers with more that 20,000 visitors.

We can now announce the winner in Aqvifys’ “how much water is in the borehole” competition 😊.
We received many different answers – from 7.0 to 33.2 liters.

Johan Olsson at Östergård Jordbruks AB in Svalöv concluded that it should be 10.5555 liters, which was closest to the 10.45 liters that was correct!
He is rewarded with an Aqvify kit!

This is how Östergård Jordbruk writes about their business:
Östergård Jordbruk AB conducts agriculture with 300 sows integrated with its own recruitment, 50 cows and 410ha field plus 200ha care. We grow wheat, barley, rapeseed, sugar beet, red fescue and haylage. The land is farmed without plowing and completely without fossil fuels. The machinery is very modern with GPS, N-sensor etc. We are located in Vittskövle in Svalöv municipality.

Thanks to the win, Östergård Jordbruk will soon have full control of the first of its many wells/drills. 👍

BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the competition.

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