Full control of your tank

Continuous Monitoring – Complete Peace of Mind

Aqvify app with water well level, sensor and Aqvify-box

Monitor your tank – with app

Online level measurement for water tanks, septic tanks, drainage wells and rainwater tanks in your home, community, farm or industry.

Water level and volume in real-time

Inflow rate

Current status and historic data

Alarms at selected levels

How Aqvify monitors your tank

How Aqvify measures your water well

Sensor in your  tank

A sensor is placed at the bottom of the tank.

How Aqvify measures your water well

Connected with the Aqvify box

The sensor is connected to the Aqvify box. Measurement data is sent frequently every minute via the mobile network – SIM & data included.

How Aqvify measures your water well

Your tank in the app

See real-time status and past history in our app. Together with smart alarms and more!
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The sensor gauges the water column, and with a touch of magic, calculates the level, volume, fill rate, inflow and more in our intuitive app.

Everything is included in the Aqvify kit and installation is easy – follow our instructions or get help from our installers.

Aqvify kit
Own installation, or take help from our installers

From 550 EUR (incl. VAT)

  • Complete Aqvify kit with the cable lengths of your choice

  • Aqvify app for iOS/Android

  • 1 year's subscription included - thereafter 99 EUR/year alt. 9.9 EUR/month. No termination period. Including SIM and all mobile data.

  • Free CO2-neutral shipping

  • Personal support


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500+ satisfied customers in Europe

Using our field-proven solutions, our customers gain total visibility into their wells and tanks, anywhere.

100+ million measurements

Aqvify's sensors have collected over 100 million measurements to date.

Easy installation. Quick support.

Install by yourself or take help of our installers.

A Swedish innovation

Founded and developed in Sweden, with sustainability in focus.

Monitor your tank

Stay Connected to Your Tank, Anytime, Anywhere.

Full control of your tank, from whereever you are in the world. Level, volume and percentage filled. Alarms for low level and high level. All in our easy-to-use app.

Aqvify is also equally effective for both drilled and dug water wells.

Water tank

Effortless online monitoring of your water tank with our intuitive app. Get precise and reliable readings, complete with customizable alarms at your preferred levels.

Avoid unexpected shortages and plan your daily water usage effectively, whether it’s for showers, laundry, or dishwashing.

Septic tank

Ensure the safety and efficiency of your septic tank. The Aqvify app provides a quick status overview and a comprehensive fill rate history, helping you avoid expensive emergency services.

Set personalized alarms to notify you in advance when the tank approaches full capacity.

Rainwater tank

Maximize the efficiency of your rainwater usage with our easy-to-use online monitoring system. The intuitive Aqvify app keeps you constantly informed about your tank’s water level, ensuring you make the most out of this valuable resource.

With smart alarms set for high and low levels, you’ll always be in control. Plus, access to historical data empowers you to plan effectively for future water needs.

Drainage well

Monitoring is crucial for drainage wells in private properties, industries and other locations. Monitoring of drainage wells with alarms for high level can help avoiding flooding of cellar and other infrastructure – well in time before it is too late.

Aqvify measures water level and more. In app.

Tank in water community

“On top of tank levels”

Granens vattenförening

Aqvify has been a game-changer for managing our water supply in an association with over 120 properties. It’s easy to use, keeping us on top of both well and tank levels. We can follow trends and get instant alerts, ensuring we’re always in control. It’s straightforward, reliable, and great value for money!

Steinar Thon, Granens samfällighetsförening

Resort Water Management

“Easy monitoring of our water supply”

“As a property manager/owner, we only have access to the resort’s water tank once a week, but we need to constantly know the water level in the tank, especially during water shortages.

Aqvify has allowed us to monitor the tank levels precisely. It’s reliable, user-friendly, and gives us peace of mind knowing we are always informed about our water status.

José, Property Manager, Tenerife

For communities

“Safe and easy with Aqvify”

“We have a large number of properties and several wells in our water communities. Increased use and climate change are posing increasing challenges for water supply.

With the Aqvify app, we can see the current water level, groundwater level and number of hourly liters inflow over the seasons – great to avoid having to measure manually! We can see if there are leaks in the water network and get alarms if the level is too low. Nice to be able to base alerts and information to community members on facts.”

Lennart Olson, Sjövägens Vattenförening