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Instant and past info about levelvolume, groundwater level and inflow. Level alarms. Easy sharing of access.

The Aqvify app is available in English, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, French and Swedish. More to come.


The number of liters displayed indicates the number of liters of water currently between the water surface and the Minimum Allowed Level* set for your well.

Level is the current water level measured from the ground surface.

The available percentage is the amount of water at the moment, compared to the maximum amount measured in the last seven days.

The level indicator (Normal/Buffer/Below allowed) shows whether the water is within the normal level, within the buffer or below the Minimum Allowed Level.

The cylinder/well illustrates the amount currently available, compared to the largest water volume available in the last seven days (i.e. the water volume between the Lowest Allowed Level and the highest measured level).

The graph shows the approximate amount of water used per hour in the last 24 hours.
Note. The amount of water used will be inaccurate if the well has a very large inflow. The water level then does not change in parity with the volume withdrawn and the measured number of liters recorded will be (much) less than in reality.

Use is an indication of what the current amount could alternatively be used for, based on general water consumption. No account is taken of the inflow into the well over time.

*Lowest Allowed Level is changed in Profile. See below.


The time span of the graphs is selected with the buttons at the top. You can also zoom in on each graph by “pinching” with two fingers.

The graphs show:

Groundwater level (metres) shows the maximum stagnant level per day for periods of 30 days and longer. The graph is not shown for shorter periods.

Groundwater level is defined as the highest measured stable water level in the well. If there is no stable maximum level – i.e. the well never fills up completely during e.g. a day – then no value is recorded for that day.

Available volume shows the minimum available volume over time.

Level – min and max (meters) below ground level. For 7 days and longer, two shaded lines are shown with the upper line showing the maximum level and the lower line showing the minimum level per day. For shorter time spans, minute values are shown.

Usually water is pumped out quickly and fills a hydrophore/hydropress, therefore the level drops quickly and then rises slowly. Water is replenished quickly from the start and more slowly the closer the water lavel gets to the groundwater level.

Approximate consumption (liters) shows water withdrawn and usually comes in “spikes” as water is quickly pumped up to the hydrophore/hydropress.

Note. The amount of water used will be incorrect if the well has a very large inflow. The water level will not change in parity with the volume withdrawn and the measured number of liters recorded will be (much) less than in reality.

Inflow (liters/h) shows the “hourly liters ” of water flowing back into the well.

Inflow is normally greater the lower the water surface and slower the closer to the water table the water surface is.


On the alarms page, you can enable/disable SMS alerts for Buffer Level and Low Level (Lowest Allowed Level).

Check/change your mobile number on the Profile page.

Aqvify app settings


The profile page lists your wells, info about the app, and a link to these instructions. Here you can also easily add more users using an access code you can share via email, SMS, etc.

Your well

General Change the name of the well. Information about your Aqvify.

Settings / Properties Basic well settings such as well diameter and sensor depth. Changed only if necessary.

Settings / Limits & alarms Adjust selected Lowest Allowed Level and buffer percentage. These limits control the Available volume on the front page and others.

The “Lowest Allowed Level” is the lowest level below ground level that you want to use the well for – and where you are likely to want an SMS alert. This level and up to the current water level is the Available Volume. Usually you start with a level equal to the sensor depth, and then change when you see how your particular well works.

Settings /Use Change how the well is used and by how many people. This information will later be used to compare use with others.

Users Add new users, change roles/permissions of existing users and change the owner of the well.

You can be Owner, User and Installer of the well. Users with “Read and Write” rights can view metrics, change settings and invite/change users. “Read” only gives the right to view metrics.

Invite users by selecting a role and then share the unique access code by SMS, email or over a coffee. The code is valid for seven days.

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