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How does it work?

How does Aqvify work?

A sensor is lowered deep into the well (above the pump or at the bottom) and sends the current and very accurate water level once a minute over the mobile network to Aqvify’s cloud service via the Aqvify box.

We process the well data and calculate, among other things, how much water you have available, groundwater level, inflow and consumption.

With a little magic, your well data is then presented in the Aqvify app on your phone or tablet!

What does Aqvify measure?
Available volume is displayed on the first page of the app (in the form of a cylinder) and quickly and easily illustrates the amount of water currently available.

The Available volume is the volume between the current water level and the selected minimum level. Learn more about the app.

How deep can Aqvify measure?

The Aqvify sensor is submerged deep into the well – either just above the pump or, if there is no pump in the water well itself, then to the bottom.

We have a number of sensor cable in our assortment – from 2 meter to 90 meter.
It is also possible to order even longer/deeper.

You can see the different standard lengths if you click Order kit.

How often is the information about my well updated?

Once a minute! To give you access to always up-to-date information, so that we can make calculations for you, and so you can act quickly on alarms.

What alarms can I set?
You can choose to activate SMS alerts for the minimum level you have selected and/or for a buffer level.

Read our short guide to registering your mobile number and activating SMS alerts here.

Can Aqvify measure the water level in a tank or pool?

Sure! Water communities measure tanks and pools – it is appreciated to know quickly if something unexpected happens, especially as many can be affected. Others measure water tanks for reverse osmosis and more.

Aqvify shows the level measured from the top of the pool/tank.

What kind of sensor does Aqvify use?

Aqvify uses a pressure sensor, which measures the water column on top of it very precisely. Frequent level readings together with the water wells diameter makes it possible to give you information about water level, inflow, approximate use and number liters in the water well.

What is "available volume"?
Available volume is displayed on the first page of the app (in the form of a cylinder) and quickly and easily illustrates the amount of water currently available.

The Available volume is the volume between the current water level and the selected minimum level. Learn more about the app.

How do I add more users?
It’s easy to give others access to your well in the Aqvify app. Go to Profile, click on the well, go to Users and Add users. Read instructions here.
What user roles are there?

There are four different user roles that can be assigned:

  • Read/WriteView and change the device readings and settings. Recieve alarms. Manage users.
  • Owner – same as Read/Write and primary contact for Aqvify
  • ReadSee the device metrics, settings, and users. Recieve alarms.
  • Installer – View and change the device readings and settings.

How to add users is described in our instruction.

The app

How do I download the app?
The Aqvify app is available to download for iOS in App Store and for Android in Play Store.
What if I forget or want to change my password?
The procedure to get a new password is the same if you have forgotten your password or just want to change it. A short guide is available here.
How do I register my mobile number and activate SMS alerts?


Do I need a subscription to use Aqvify?
Yes. The Aqvify subscription gives you access to all of Aqvify’s unique services. The subscription includes SIM card, all necessary mobile data, SMS alerts and up to five users.
Do I need to get my own SIM card?
No. SIM card is built into the Aqvify box and included.
Which operator do you use?
Our SIM card can connect to most larger operators and uses the one with the best coverage.
Do I need a new subscription for each user?
No. You can register up to 5 users per subscription.
Do the subscriptions have a commitment period?
No. No commitment or cancellation period beyond the subscription period already paid for.
Can WiFi be used?
No, we use mobile networks. We want to provide as secure a solution as possible, separate from own home networks. We also want to simplify installation – no configuration needed, just plug in the power cord to get the service up and running!
How do I manage my subscription?
You can activate or cancel your subscription by logging in to the subscription page. Use the same username and password as in the app.


Is it difficult to install Aqvify?
Our installation partners help with the installation. We will call you after ordering and find out more about the well. The installer will then contact you to arrange a time.

You can also choose to install Aqvify yourself. Our installation guides will help you get started and support is available via chat and phone.

How deep should the sensor be elevated?

The sensor should normally be elevated deep into the well – just above the pump/water inlet.

If there is no pump or water intake, the sensor can be lowered to the bottom of the well or tank.


How does Aqvify contribute to sustainability?
With Aqvify, you have unique control and can avoid using the well to an excessively low water level, for example a at low groundwater level or overuse, which risks saltwater intrusion or burnt pump. You can also “save the well” by receiving SMS alerts in case of water leakage or overuse.

Customers have avoided investing in costly and energy-intensive reverse osmosis systems thanks to the safety and control that Aqvify provides. Did you know that reverse osmosis requires 20-25 times more energy than a traditional water pump?

Can Aqvify create more water?
No – Aqvify is of course no “water factory”, BUT Aqvify can actually make more water available through knowledge and control of your well.

With Aqvify’s help, many customers have learned more that they can actuallt use more water at times than they thought for their own crops, household and other purposes. Wells are all unique and behave differently depending on the conditions of the seasons!

Aqvify kit
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