Well for farming & irrigation

Optimize your water use by knowing how much water you have in your well. This makes it easier for you to plan your professional water use and avoid too low water levels with risk for both animals and plants.

100+ million measurements

Aqvify’s sensors have collected over 100 million measurements to date.

Complete installation & support

We install Aqvify in your well and help you get started.

A Swedish innovation

Founded and developed in Sweden, with sustainability in focus.

Measure your well

Full control of water level, inflow and groundwater level with constantly updated information and alarms. This provides a unique opportunity to use the farm’s wells safely, efficiently and sustainably.

Aqvify measures both dug wells and drilled wells – and can also be used in water tanks.

Optimising water use

With Aqvify, you get real-time updated data about the water level in your well. This allows you to use the known water availability as a tool to plan and optimise your water use in agriculture.

Aqvify makes your professional life easier by getting the wells data readily accessible via an app, without having to manually measure the well.

Environmentally and climate-smart water use

With Aqvify you can get a better understanding of the water availability in your area. You will know when it is time to reduce water withdrawals – and when you can increase.

Aqvify gives you an understanding of how drought or rain affects the groundwater level in your particular well.

Climate change is affecting groundwater levels at an accelerating pace.

Keep an eye on leaks

With Aqvify you can detect both small and large leaks. For example, if a tap is leaking or if a pipe connection has failed.

You can avoid wasted water, costly emergency fixes and the cost for replacing pumps gone dry.

Constant safety with alarms

With Aqvify, you can receive alarms at selected water levels and act quickly if something happens. 

You get constant monitoring of your well and learn its behaviour over the seasons.
No need to worry.

What you see in the app

The well right now - quick overview

On the app’s front page, you get a quick overview of the current water level and quantity, along with an illustration of the well.

Approximate consumption per hour is shown in bars. You also get an indication of how many washing machines or dishwashers you can run, or minutes you can shower with the current amount of available water.

Analyse - get to know your well

Get to know your well by learning how quickly it recovers (inflow), how the level changes and how much is consumed.

The groundwater level graph shows how your particular well is affected by rain and drought.

Feel safe with level alarm

Set the levels at which you want SMS alerts. You are alerted and can act quickly if the water level drops below normal, for example if a pipe connection breaks or someone showers too long.

Easily add more users
Add more users by sharing an access code.

Up to five users are included in the subscription.

How Aqvify measures your water well

How Aqvify works

  • A sensor is installed just above the pump in the well and connected to an Aqvify box

  • The Aqvify box sends measurement data every minute via the mobile network

  • See your well’s real-time status and past history in our app

“Act quickly if something happens”

Thomas and his sons run Lundgrens Nyåkra in Sandby on Österlen. A large livestock population makes the water supply from the drilled well a critical resource. With a filtration plant and many taps, a lot can happen.

“With Aqvify installed in our primary borehole we can quickly respond and connect a backup if something happens. It also gives us peace of mind to know how the water table is moving, especially if it’s dry at the end of summer.”

Thomas Lundgren, Lundgrens Nyåkra

Aqvify kit
Own installation, or take help from our installers

From 550 EUR (incl. VAT)

  • Complete Aqvify kit with the cable lengths of your choice

  • Aqvify app for iOS/Android

  • 1 year's subscription included - thereafter 99 EUR/year alt. 9.9 EUR/month. No termination period. Including SIM and all mobile data.

  • Free CO2-neutral shipping

  • Personal support