For installers

With Aqvify, you help your customers use their wells or tanks safely, efficiently and sustainably.

Advantages with Aqvify

Giving customers peace of mind

Customers get full control of their well or tank, and learn how it is affected by eg. water withdrawal or rainfall/drought. They don’t have to worry. Everything they need is available in the Aqvify app and with our smart SMS alerts.

Easy installation

Installation is designed to be easy, but many people appreciate the help of a professional. You might want to check the rest of the water system at the same time.

Longer customer relationship

As an installer (with the customer’s consent), you can also keep track of the customer’s well/tank in the Aqvify app. It might make it easier to answer questions without having to visit the customer site if something goes wrong, give tips, demonstrate the effect of cracking, etc.

We also believe that Aqvify can give you a longer customer relationship as it becomes even more natural to contact you with actual data such as inflow or groundwater level to discuss around.

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