Get started

Get started easily with connecting your or your customer’s well! Here are our updated installation instructions.

Aqvify is easy to install with the help of our video and installation instructions!

  • Submerge the sensor deep into the water well – just above the pump or to the bottom of the well – and fix it with cable ties
  • Attach the Aqvify box to a suitable wall
  • Join the sensor with the Aqvify box with the connection cable and connect the adapter to the wall socket
  • Activate the well in the Aqvify app.
    If you are an installer, then share the access code from the app with the customer.

Detailed installation instructions

You are always welome to contact us for help during the installation. Contact one of our Installers if you want a complete installation.

Installation instructions and examples

Please use our detailed installation guide for installation:

Examples of completed installations

The Aqvify box

Sensor installation in well

Well without top
Well with top
Well with top