Low groundwater levels and water scarcity – How you can help?

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Low groundwater levels and water scarcity
– How you can help?

Summer is finally here! But with it comes a worrying challenge – low groundwater levels and water scarcity. An increasing number of municipalities in southern Sweden have already imposed irrigation bans, and experts are warning of dry wells and a potential drought similar to the one we experienced last year. We are in a situation where we can all do something to save water and help reduce the impact of this challenge. 

An important factor in combating water scarcity is being aware of how we use and save water in our everyday activities. Here are some tips to help save water:

  • Take shorter showers: Reducing shower time by just a few minutes can save a lot of water. Be aware of your time in the shower and turn off the water while soaping up or shampooing your hair.
  • Turn off the tap: When brushing your teeth or doing the dishes, you can save a lot of water by turning off the faucet when you don’t need it. It’s easy to forget, but every drop counts!
  • Collect rainwater: Install a rain barrel to collect rainwater. This water can be used to water plants and gardens instead of using clean drinking water.
  • Fix leaks: Regularly check your taps, toilets and pipes for any leaks. A small leak can quickly turn into large amounts of wasted water.
  • Use water-saving appliances: When it’s time to replace or upgrade your home appliances, consider choosing models with water-saving features. For example, a water-saving dishwasher or washing machine can significantly reduce water consumption.
  • Switch to low-flow showerheads: Switching to a low-flow showerhead that typically delivers 5-7 liters per minute, from a regular nozzle that delivers 12-14 liters per minute, will save both water and energy.

Don’t forget that the Aqvify app gives you up-to-date data on the water level and recovery of your well – and even identifies if there are any leaks. It gives you a clear overview of your water consumption and helps you make informed decisions in your everyday life. For example, you can see how long a shower you can take or how many washing or dishwashers you can run without overloading your well. By optimizing your water use in this way, you can save water and help reduce water scarcity.

We are certainly facing a challenge in terms of water scarcity, but we can all do something to help! By being aware of our water consumption and taking a few simple steps, we can make a real difference in preserving our precious water and contributing to a sustainable future.

We at Aqvify wish you a great summer!

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