World Water Day 2022 – ‘Make the invisible visible’

“Make the invisible visible” is the theme of World Water Day 2022 and is about our vital groundwater – We are on it! That’s exactly what Aqvify is doing. 😀💦

What is World Water Day?

World Water Day is a thematic day established by the United Nations on March 22 every year. World Water Day aims to highlight the importance of fresh water and to promote the sustainable management of fresh water.

Aqvify and World Water Day

World Water Day 2022For most people, the well is an unknown black hole – that’s why we founded Aqvify.
Our solution gives our users a quick overview and detailed analysis of water quantity, level, inflow and groundwater level. That’s why it’s extra fun for us that the theme of this year’s World Water Day is about just that – making the invisible visible.

Although Sweden has a “good” water supply, we also need to know about groundwater in general and our own wells in particular. Unfortunately, there are many places in the world where the situation is much worse than in Sweden – we hope to help households, industries and agriculture in these areas to use their water resources in a safe, efficient and sustainable way.

Getting to know your well is the best way to be able to use it for what you want and need – and at the same time to reduce the risk of overuse and subsequent burnt pump, sinking well or saltwater intrusion. Not having to worry is something our users often highlight.

By the way, did you know that consumption affects the groundwater level in your well?

Larger water withdrawals create a funnel of groundwater under the ground around the well, which then levels off at different rates depending on the characteristics of the well. Many wells are used more actively during the summer months – which coincides with the period when no new groundwater is normally formed.

The subsidence causes the salt water that is often found under the fresh water to be pushed upwards. It is therefore particularly important to monitor groundwater levels in risk areas such as the Stockholm archipelago, Gotland, across the country from Stockholm to Gothenburg, and the entire coastline. More on saltwater intrusion in future newsletters (sign up at the bottom of the page).

Read more about groundwater in our previous newsletter with Anders Nordström, Senior Lecturer at Stockholm University.

Here are some examples from our app of connected wells and how we interpret that they are affected by season and consumption.

How does Aqvify contribute to the sustainable use of groundwater?

With Aqvify, you have a unique control and can avoid using the well at too low a water level, e.g. “squeezing the well” in case of low groundwater level or overexploitation, which risks saltwater intrusion or burnt pump. You can also “save the well” by receiving SMS alerts in case of a water leak or overuse.

Customers have avoided investing in costly and energy-intensive desalination plants thanks to the security and control provided by Aqvify. Did you know that desalination requires 20-25 times more energy than a pump?

Aqvify wishes you a great World Water Day and encourages careful use of the well this summer! 💦

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