Sandhamn – sea level vs. groundwater level?

Sandhamn – a water well with a wonderful view!

Now Lars has full control of the water level, inflow and more using the Aqvify app.

It is said that the groundwater level in the water well rises with the sea level as the ‘saltwater cushion’ pushes from below. What do you think?

We will soon know the answer! 🧐

Sustainable use of water wells

A sunny and reasonably warm summer is probably what most people want…! 🌞 However, amidst the new potatoes, SUPs, hammocks and wet swimwear, think about your water consumption.

Collect rainwater if possible. Be careful with water use – all the usual stuff.
Water should last all season for you – and your neighbors.

Keep an eye on the water level in your water well.
Full control is of course easiest with Aqvify in your water well and phone. 😉


Aqvify wishes you a wonderful summer!

Bring your well online with Aqvify!

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