Grundvattenkollen – unique data from online water wells

Grundvattenkollen.se with groundwater levels from water wells in use

Launch of GRUNDVATTENKOLLEN.SE – unique data from connected wells. Open data for everyone!

Grundvattenkollen.se is a new and unique service that shows the groundwater level for wells used in holiday homes, permanent residences, farms and communities. The wells, which are divided into a number of locations around Sweden, are shown in graphs and comparative levels.

Example of Grundvattenkollen.se

The groundwater levels presented by SGU are from water wells without water consumption, which are then supplemented by advanced models. However, there is a big difference with everyday water wells, as we and our customers have learned.

It is great to be able to present data from connected water wells to a wider audience. There is so much that affects the “groundwater funnel” that forms around your own well; the daily consumption, inflow and soil conditions as well as the impact of drought and neighbors’ consumption.

With Grundvattenkollen.se, we want to give everyone who depends on their water well better insights into how it works and is used in a sustainable way…. and this is just the beginning… More areas and insights to come. 😊

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