Groundwater update – decline and water shortages in many areas (Sweden)


  • Groundwater levels below/much below normal for the period in large parts of the country.
    Hardly noticeable improvement after the recent rains.
  • In the west from Halmstad up to Östersund, levels are normal to above normal for the period.
  • “Risk of water shortage” is reported for nine counties.
  • The risk of extreme temperatures at the end of the summer due to the El Nino weather phenomenon remains.

See daily groundwater levels for a selection of connected wells on Grundvattenkollen.se .

A little cooler weather and some rain, which one might think would immediately help groundwater levels. Unfortunately, quite a lot of rain is needed to improve levels to any great extent after this year’s drought. Moreover, the rain should not only come in torrential downpours, where the water runs off like a dry dishcloth, but at a slower pace so that the soil has time to absorb the water.

“Risk of water shortage” is reported for nine counties. Blekinge, Gotland, Jönköping, Kalmar, Kronoberg, Skåne, Södermanland, Västmanland and Östergötland. More on SGU site.

SGU – current situation and forecast

SGU reports that in the western parts of the country, roughly from Halmstad to Östersund, the levels are normal/higher for the period. In almost all the rest of the country, however, SGU reports levels below or much below normal! (SGU is the authority that is responsible for the authorities’ reporting of groundwater). Further info on SGU current groundwater levels.

The maps below shows SGU’s current report + 30 days forecast for groundwater deviation from normal, compared with with levels in the corresponding week, period 1961 – 2022


SGU - Groudwater deviation, current and 30 days forecast

SGU – Groundwater deviation, current and 30 days forecast, July 18 2023

Wells online with Aqvify

Most of the wells that are connected to Aqvify show continued declining levels. The situation right now for many wells is about the same as around mid-August last year. I.e. there is risk of an even more serious situation this year.

The last few days rain is hardly visible in the groundwater levels in most areas, which indicates that the ground is overall very dry.

Please visit Grundvattenkollen.se to see a selection of the wells.

Groundwater levels for wells online with Aqvify

Selection of water wells online with Aqvify in the Stockholm area

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