Annual report: Our water wells 2021

Happy New Year 2022! What did 2021 teach us about our wells?

Water update from Aqvify – with data from connected wells!

We have shown in previous newsletters how different wells react to precipitation and drought – and that it is therefore important to get to know your own well in order to use it sustainably, efficiently and safely.

Here is a summary of 2021 from the Stockholm archipelago, where we currently have about 100 connected wells!


Groundwater levels 2021 Stockholm archipelago

The graph shows the groundwater level for a selection of wells with Aqvify. In May, heavy rainfall flooded some wells, followed by a steady drop in dry July, then a slow rise since rainy August. For some wells these happenings are clear – for others not at all.

Currently, several wells have a groundwater level around that of May, while others are still slowly working their way up.

Read about the record wells below to get an idea of how incredibly different the impact of drought can be on different wells!

Click on the graph to enlarge it!


SMHI: Precipitation 2021, Djurö, Stockholm

SMHI: Precipitation 2021, Djurö, Stockholm (click to enlarge)

Data from SMHI. The graph shows measured precipitation at Djurö in the “center” of the Stockholm archipelago. Especially January and May offered a lot of rain, with a record amount (100mm) on May 26.

For the year as a whole close to normal precipitation amounts. However, the last quarter was significantly less than the two previous years – which may affect water availability in 2022.


SGU Filling rate 3 years, Ingarö, Stockholm

SGU: Filling rate 3 years, Skälsmara on Ingarö, Stockholm (click to enlarge)

SGU (Geological Survey of Sweden) reports Groundwater level and recharge rate lower than normal for the seasons during much of 2021 (measuring station at Ingarö, Stockholm).

What about the future? In January 2022, a low degree of filling is reported, as well as a groundwater level much below normal for the season. Now the spring, when the ground is still absorbing groundwater, will determine how the water supply will be in 2022.

Some record water wells in 2021!

…for those of us who love wells…

Aqvify record water wells 2021

Aqvify record water wells 2021 (click to enlarge)

In 2022, we will be able to compare the groundwater level, inflow and consumption of a large number of wells against 2021.

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