Large water association on Ljusterö

With a strained groundwater situation and many properties, it is safe for the chairman Lennart and other members to have full control of the water well with the help of Aqvify. Two of the bore holes in the water association are already connected – more are on the way.

What communities tend to appreciate extra much with Aqvify is:

  • Avoid manual measurements of level and groundwater level – Aqvify retrieves data every minute and can show the current situation, but also with history of how your own water well is affected by drought and consumption.
  • SMS alarm if something happens – with many users in a community, there are many possible places where leaks can occur. In the graphs you can also easily see if the pump starts with a certain periodicity during the night and can then show any leaks.
  • ‘Black on white’ – Nice to be able to show the water situation based on actual data to other (not as knowledgeable) members.
  • Extra safe to have control – With many users, the importance of keeping track of the water supply increases!

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