Full control of your well
Feel safe – constant monitoring of your water supply
Aqvify app with water well level, sensor and Aqvify-box

Measure your water well – with app

Whether you have a well in your home, at the farm or in the community, Aqvify is for you who wants to make water level measurement smarter.
Water level and volume in real-time
Inflow and Groundwater level
Current status and historic data
Alarms at selected levels

How Aqvify Measures Your Well

How Aqvify measures your water well

Sensor in your water well

A sensor is placed near the bottom of the well, just above the pump. Drilled or dug water well.

How Aqvify measures your water well

Connected with the Aqvify box

The sensor is connected to the Aqvify box. Measurement data is sent every minute via the mobile network – SIM & data included.

How Aqvify measures your water well

Your water well in the app

See your well’s real-time status and past history in our app. Together with smart alarms and more!

Aqvify kit
Own installation, or take help from our installers

From 550 EUR (incl. VAT)

  • Complete Aqvify kit with the cable lengths of your choice

  • Aqvify app for iOS/Android

  • 1 year subscription included - thereafter 99 EUR/year alt. 9.9 EUR/month, including SIM and all mobile data

  • Free CO2-neutral shipping

  • Personal support

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“House in Barcelona”

I have installed Aqvify in the well of my house in Barcelona. I found the product looking for a well water control device, and I loved its presentation. Dealing with Aqvify has been direct and very helpful…I installed it myself, without the help of professionals…it’s very easy!!…After several weeks of use, I’m very satisfied…I HIGHLY RECOMMEND AQVIFY TO ANYONE TO KNOW THE ONLINE STATUS AND PERFORMANCE OF YOUR WELL!!!

Isidre Elias Elies

“Very good product”

“Positives: Quality, Added value
Very good product that helps us to know how the water well is performing.”

Marcus Johansson

“The best thing I ever did!”

The best thing I ever did! Been worried for 60 years since the well was drilled! Do we have water or not right now! Nagged everyone to be careful with the water and then it turns out that I have so much water. Can highly recommend this. Now there is no more nagging about the water, showers etc. as I can easily see on the app how my water situation is. Thank you so much for this invention!

Ewa Wiberg

“SO nice to finally have control of the well”

SO nice to finally have control of the well after years of uncertainty & worry. Two fantastic functions: control of consumption & the status of the well over the year. Now I see how much is flowing in and what I can take out. Control, pure and simple. Smart & safe.
Positives: Quality, Added value, Professionalism, Punctuality, Response time

Karolina Renhed

“Nice and easy to understand app”

Easy installation, superb service, nice and easy to understand app. Couldn’t be better!

Marcus Wahlström

“Great security”

Aqvify is a very interesting system for those with their own water well. You have a simple overview in the app with the groundwater level, inflow, consumption and a number of other functions. Provides a great security to keep track of how much water is in the water well.

Per Olovsson

“Constant control over how much water we have”

We are 13 properties that have had a common well in the archipelago for 50 years. We have always been worried about the water supply. With Aqvify, we now have constant control over how much water we have. When we had a sudden leak, we immediately received an alarm.

Johannes Lodin


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100+ million measurements

Aqvify's sensors have collected over 100 million measurements to date.

Easy installation. Quick support.

Install by yourself or take help of our installers.

A Swedish innovation

Founded and developed in Sweden, with sustainability in focus.

Measure the well – knowledge and safety

Full control of water supply, inflow and groundwater level with constantly updated information and alarms. This provides a unique opportunity to use your well safely, efficiently and sustainably.

Aqvify measures dug wells and drilled wells – it also works in tanks.

Optimize your water use

With Aqvify, you get up-to-date data on water level and recovery of your well. This allows you to get an idea of your everyday life – for example, how long you can shower or how many washing machines or dishwashers you can run.

Do you need to skimp, or maybe you can use more than you think?

Environmentally and climate-smart water use

Groundwater is an amazing and climate-smart natural resource, which needs to be used with care.

Aqvify gives you an understanding of how drought or rain affects the groundwater level in your particular well.

Climate change is affecting groundwater levels at an accelerating pace.

Keep an eye on leaks

With Aqvify you can detect both small and large leaks. For example, if a tap is leaking or if a pipe connection has failed.

A drained well risks a costly pump replacement, an entire area being left without water or risking saltwater intrusion. Of course, there is also the risk of water damage to the property.

Constant safety with alarms

With Aqvify, you can set alarms to receive alerts at selected water levels, like a level monitor, and thus act quickly if something happens.

You get constant monitoring of your well and learn its behaviour over the seasons.
No need to worry.

Aqvify measures water level and more. In app.
Permanent residence & holiday home

“Now I have full control of the well”

“With Aqvify, the whole family finally knows how much water we can use. It’s nice to be able to shower and do the laundry without having to worry.

We also had an incident where a coupling broke after working on the pump and the well started to empty of water – and the crawl space started to fill. The alarm from Aqvify saved the situation.

Aqvify means I don’t have to worry about water shortages, the pump going dry – or salt water getting into the well. I recommend Aqvify to anyone with a water well.”

Karolina Renhed

For communities

“Safe and easy with Aqvify”

“We have a large number of properties and several wells in our water communities. Increased use and climate change are posing increasing challenges for water supply.

With the Aqvify app, we can see the current water level, groundwater level and number of hourly liters inflow over the seasons – great to avoid having to measure manually! We can see if there are leaks in the water network and get alarms if the level is too low. Nice to be able to base alerts and information to community members on facts.”

Lennart Olson, Sjövägens Vattenförening